One&Only Portonovi, a sheltered idyll on the picturesque shores of Boka Bay in Montenegro, is set to become the ultimate wellness destination on the Adriatic Coast when it opens its doors in March 2021. Following an exclusive global partnership with leading health and wellness expert brand Chenot, the resort will be the first One&Only to offer Chenot Espace, a transformative journey of detoxing and resetting the body based on the renowned Chenot Method®, with tailored programmes and pioneering treatments scientifically designed to enhance guests’ vitality and optimum health, all year round

The partnership between One&Only and Chenot is setting new standards for resort wellbeing, offering state-of-the-art, science-based treatments together with the extraordinary level of luxury and service that One&Only is renowned for. At One&Only Portonovi, guests will be able to experience industry-leading, comprehensive wellness alongside a vibrant and captivating Riviera-style lifestyle, in one ultra-luxury destination for the first time

Advanced diagnostic tests pioneered by Chenot will allow guests to understand what is ageing their bodies, and how to set new pathways to positively improve performance and wellbeing. Following this initial stage of consultation, guests will receive a personalised programme, involving nutritional recommendations, detox menus, fitness schedules, targeted spa treatments, stress relieving activities and more, all designed to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, trigger repairing and regenerative actions, resulting in increased energy levels and vitality. To support this, Chenot’s innovative approach combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology

“We are thrilled to be launching Chenot Espace at One&Only Portonovi which will revolutionise the resort wellbeing experience, offering 360-degree wellness programmes for our guests looking to lead a more active, healthy and balanced life,” said Philippe Zuber, Chief Executive Officer, Kerzner International. “Backed by almost 50 years of scientific research and expertise, Chenot shares One&Only’s vision to create joy and vitality, tailoring every experience to each individual’s needs. Our guests will have access to an exclusive, immersive and distinct experience that will nurture optimum personal results and extend far beyond the spa. We pride ourselves in delivering extraordinary guest experiences, from culinary to once-in-a lifetime excursions, and now the ultimate in holistic wellbeing, whilst bringing a new level of luxury to Montenegro


Guests will begin their wellness journey with a series of diagnostic tests designed to understand their individual needs, which will lead to the creation of an effective, bespoke programme. Carried out by specialised professionals, the holistic diagnostics will evaluate an important array of physiological parameters, known as Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® that assess the impact of lifestyle on the vitality status and ageing process. Biomarkers® range fromvascular age (arterial stiffness assessment), intoxication (minerals and heavy metals analysis) and skin collagen thickness (ultrasound assessment) to body composition analysis, emotional stress (HRV analysis) and endurance performance (cardiorespiratory fitness assessment)

Tailored Programmes

Following the diagnostic tests, a sophisticated set of bespoke treatments and culinary plans will be created for each individual, that in synergy, work to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, activate energy channels and rebalance the body’s physiology. Guests can choose to take a fully immersive one-week programme, engage in shorter experiences that can be seamlessly woven into their overall holiday or select individual treatments

The iconic and transformative one-week Advanced Detox programme induces a deep purification and detoxification of the body and is a signature pillar of Chenot’s pioneering philosophy. The tailored programme includes advanced diagnostic tests with Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®, medical and nutritional consultations, a plant-based nutritional plan and targeted energetic massage, bio-energetic, hydro-aromatherapy, phyto-mud and hydro-jet treatments. Following the Advanced Detox, there is the follow-up Fundamental Detox, a one-week programme which can be taken within six months to maintain the effect

For guests looking for a blend of wellness and relaxation, there are a range of programmes to choose from, including  De-Stress and Re-Charge (four days / five nights) which seeks to restore inner balance and the body’s natural rhythms, Detox (three days) which is ideal as a regular cleanse undertaken several times a year and Weekend Spa Deluxe (two days) which includes several massages and aromatherapy treatments. There is also the Fitness Programme (three days) which strengthens the body and helps guests learn how to reach their fitness performance potential

Chenot Espace treatments

Chenot Espace at One&Only Portonovi will cover an expanse of 4,000 m2 and will feature state-of-the-art facilities and 28 treatment rooms. There will be an array of targeted treatments curated by expert practitioners, from neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatments, acupuncture and ozone therapy to intravenous nutrient therapy and hydro-colon treatments. Diagnostics and treatments fall under six different departments; Medical, Human Performance, Medical Aesthetic, Aesthetic, Hydro-therapy and Sport & Fitness

Guests can choose from a range of highly effective aesthetic treatments to help restore natural beauty, from cellulite remedies and dedicated eye treatments to purifying detox facials. Body treatments will be performed by highly trained therapists using skilled techniques and specialist products to achieve specific benefits, for example Chenot Detox Body Massage drains toxins, while Chenot Energetic Massage activates meridians to re-energise the body. Additional body treatments are targeted to improve posture, promote deeper breathing, boost circulation to the hands and feet, or relieve tension. Facial treatments using Chenot Cosmeceutical Products are designed to deliver tangible enhancements to the skin, from exceptional hydration to improved tone. Deep facial rejuvenation and optimum skin health can be attained through a HydraFacial MD, whilst SKINeo ultrasound and electrotherapy, Cellactor acoustic waves and LymphaStim compression therapy aid skin tightening and body contouring

Chenot Espace will feature hydrotherapy and cryotherapy facilities, sauna, steam room, indoor pool and relaxation areas, ensuring guests leave feeling fully recharged. In addition, the year-round destination resort will also offer an Oriental Hamman, a hair salon and the men’s grooming salon, Barber & Blade by One&OnlyTM. A selection of guest rooms and suites are located directly above the spa, offering privacy and easy access for those taking part in more intensive or longer treatment programmes

Culinary choices

Nutrition is key pillar in the Chenot Method® and guests at One&Only Portonovi will be able to follow a personalised diet plan, carefully designed to work in synergy with their wellbeing programmes. The Detox Diet, implemented under medical supervision, is a low calorie, anti-ageing plan devised to stimulate metabolic efficiency and promote cleaning and repairing mechanisms. Alternatively, the Biolight Diet is an everyday, balanced eating plan, offering nutrients from a wide range of foods without compromising the pleasure of taste – ideal for those wishing to restore energy levels, optimise their metabolism and make healthy eating a lifestyle. Scientifically formulated by Chenot, both Detox and Biolight diets are designed based on extensive research into ingredients, nutrition and cooking methods, and will be available at La Veranda for guests following Chenot’s tailored programme

Beyond the Spa

A Tennis Club with two floodlit professional hard courts will provide the finest facilities for tennis enthusiasts of all levels, while a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre will offer private one-on-one training sessions, as well as movement and exercise classes and the latest Technogym™ equipment. Alternatively, guests can head outdoors to take advantage of running routes through the extraordinary landscape, TRX classes, Nordic Walking or Mountain Biking activities. For guests seeking a mindful exercise, the resort will offer yoga classes surrounded by the magnificent vistas of Boka Bay, and beautiful pools will be sprinkled throughout the resort

“The coming together of One&Only and Chenot Espace at One&Only Portonovi presents guests with an extraordinary array of possibilities from peace, tranquillity and improved health to an altogether more energetic and sociable time in this nautical playground,” said Dr. George Gaitanos, Chief Scientific and Operating Officer, Chenot (HC International S.A.). “I am convinced that together, One&Only and Chenot, we will inspire a transformative journey to wellness and further strengthen our shared philosophical belief in the value of life, energy and vitality

Situated on the Adriatic Coast, Portonovi is an easy drive from Dubrovnik (one hour), Tivat (50 minutes), and Podgorica (two and a half hours) airports, all of which are served by a variety of airlines, and well equipped to handle private jets. One&Only Portonovi will begin welcoming guests on 21 March 2021. For more information or reservations, please visit: oneandonlyresorts.com

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