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Zafran Indian Bistro Spicing Up Neighborhoods Across Riyadh

After the overwhelming success of the first Zafran in Riyadh at Rubeen Plaza, the award-winning contemporary Indian Bistro is now open at the recently launched Turki Square, with a third opening at Levels Mall planned later this year


Promising to spice up the neighborhood with the most delectable Indian cuisine, Zafran at Turki Square boasts all the features that have ensured that the brand remains a popular choice when it comes to casual dining in the capital


From the contemporary and inviting décor that includes a stunning collage art installation by renowned Arab artist Jeffar Khaldi to the ‘wow’ kitchen, not to mention a menu that has something to delight every palate, dining at Zafran Turki Square is an authentic, relaxing, memorable experience


The restaurant’s menu celebrates the subtle and complex flavors of the North-west region of India, yet remains light on the stomach.  Be it the succulent meats of the Kebab Feast or wholesome curries like Gosht Nihari, signature dishes like Dal Zafran, everyone’s favorite classic  Butter chicken or the flavorful and fragrant biryanis, each dish at Zafran is made with fresh, high quality ingredients and seasoned to perfection


Homemade pickles and preserves, a wide range of delightful signature beverages and desserts and exemplary service all add that distinctive Zafran flair that has made the brand so popular with Riyadh’s discerning diners


Our planned expansion in the Kingdom remains on track and we are excited to be opening two new Zafran Indian Bistro’s in the capital, each one ably led by a team of highly skilled and experienced chefs,” said Rakshak Puri, General Manager, Asian Dining-Foodmark


Turki Square is located in the heart of new Riyadh, close to the business district as well as a number of residential communities and some of Riyadh’s finest educational institutions. “Zafran’s eclectic menu is designed to resonate with these varied palates and we look forward to welcoming all in our vicinity and beyond for a delightful dining experience


We have made a conscious decision to open in venues that are establishing themselves as dining destinations frequented by those who live, work and play in the vicinity, thereby fitting seamlessly into these communities with our one-of-a-kind homegrown Indian food concept,” he added


The restaurant is located on the Ground Floor, Turki Square, Prince Turki Al Awwal Road (intersection with Makkah road) and is open to guests for lunch as well as dinner from 12 pm – 12 am on weekdays and 12 pm – 1 am on weekends

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