Cheval Blanc Randheli


Discover Cheval Blanc Randheli and the beauty of surrounding Noonu Atoll with an impressive selection of immersive water activities

From a series of specially-crafted experiences to explore the waters and lush islands to wholesome journeys dedicated to well-being, each experience creates unforgettable memories to share with the ones you love

Every experience may be tailored according to needs and expectations. Cheval Blanc Randheli’s team of passionate Alchemists and dedicated Majordome is at complete disposal to create a special itinerary for the guests



Cheval Blanc has shipped in the latest toys for maximum fun on the waves. For a gentle glide across the surface of the lagoon, or an underwater adventure to enjoy the coral reef at its very best, the Seabob is a must-try and certainly one of the best ways to explore marine life with ease and grace

For active types keen on adventure, the Jet-Surf, a jet-propelled surfboard capable of travelling up to 40mph, will provide hours of entertainment. Everyone from teenagers upwards will be up and running quickly with the assistance of Cheval Blanc’s experienced Ambassadeurs who will teach guests to ride the board and carve wake in the lagoon

Last is the ultimate water sports challenge – the Maison’s own Fly board and Hoverboard. Powered by a jet ski, adrenalin junkies can fly out of the water performing tricks and loops, or hoover atop the water, all under the watchful eye of a dedicated instructor , These amusements will not spoil the peace and quiet of Randheli’s 7km2 azure lagoon, which it is famed for




For those who seek adventure, this evening experience unveils the secret nightlives of marine life beneath the sea , After a brief boat ride away from the Maison, a guided snorkeling trip led by one of our dedicated guides explores the colors of the underwater world. Equipped with a special blue LED filtered light and yellow filtered mask, the fluorescence of the night springs to life before the eyes

See marine life magically illuminated, darting back and forth, at only fingertips away. After this inspiring immersion, learn about the phenomenon of Bio Fluorescence from their snorkel guide, one of nature’s true jewels and enchanting occurrences, to take home a new appreciation for the marvels of nature



Experience the beauty and majesty of the Indian Ocean at the villa’s doorstep! With the benefit of their own private guide, Cheval Blanc Randheli is delighted to host a snorkeling experience around the Spa Island’s house-reef

A brief sail away from the Maison, snorkelers are escorted by a dedicated Ambassadeur as the guests discover the underwater wonders of Maldives. Then they can enjoy a moment of tranquility at the Cheval Blanc Spa with the ‘After Diving Treatment’ by Guerlain, designed specifically for the Maison

The treatment is followed by a tailor-made experiential dinner served under the stars at the Spa Island or as a laid-back BBQ on the beach as per what the guests chose



Plunge into the graceful underwater world of sea angels. Watch closely as their gentle wings glide through the water like clouds. Cheval Blanc Randheli is delighted to host an experience like no other, partnering with the Manta Ray Conservation Charity

A high-speed boat or luxury yacht sails divers from 35 minutes to 1 hour away to the world of mantas rays where a dive master accompanies guests on a discovery of manta cleaning stations or Hanifaru Bay. This half day or full day trip transports guests across the Atoll to crystalline waters where mantas play gracefully

The Manta Conservation Charity uses all collected documentation (film, photos) to attempt identifying each ray and provide insight on their age, gender and normal whereabouts. For never-before spotted mantas, guests are invited to name their ray!   Available mid-July to October



The soul of water and spiritual balance come together as never before. Using the yoga techniques of gentle relaxation and guided breathing, divers prepare their mind and body for a session under the turquoise waters

Begin the day with a private yoga session hosted at the Cheval Blanc Spa Island Yoga Pavilion with the Maison’s master yogi. After a full, rejuvenating session and achieving all-encompassing harmony, a private dhoni or luxury yacht whisks divers away to a hidden dive spot in the Indian Ocean

Indulge in the best of relaxation and underwater exploration with this unique experience – and dive head first into the world of Randheli



Feel the wind of the ocean air at your fingertips. Embark on a beautiful sail boat and glide through the crests of the deep, blue ocean during a family or romantic escape. Sail to a private sandbank to experience a day of absolute seclusion, enjoying the ride with a certified captain, or practicing your own hand at sailing under the guidance of an instructor

Upon arrival, your Carte Blanche Ambassadeur awaits with parasols and sun loungers for an immediate immersion into relaxation. Whether a quick refreshment or a made-to-measure meal, allow your Ambassadeur to serve a beachfront, exotic menu designed by the Maison’s chefs and tailored to different tastes. After a frolic through the crystal waters with a snorkeling tour or an entire afternoon of lounging in peace, the guests depart to their private island for a soft, sunset cruise back to Randheli




With love as enduring as the current of the ocean, celebrate the endless union with a vow renewal ceremony amidst of the Indian Ocean

The Maison’s sparkling Azimut Leonardo 98 luxury yacht sails you and your loved one to a secluded location away from Randheli. Here, an onboard ceremony is conducted with the gentle whispers of the sea air and the soft lapping of the waves as an ultimate soundtrack

After the ceremony, the Azimut sails back to Randheli where an intimate dinner is served in the privacy of the villa’s deck or beach. To accompany this Maldivian renewal, the Maison’s Ambassadeurs perform a traditional Bodu Beru musical experience, before leaving the guests to enjoy the beautiful Maldivian starry night



Experience the kaleidoscope of the Randheli sunset in full view. Sail into the crystal waters of Noonu Atoll onboard a traditional dhoni outfitted with a graceful sail

Glide across the lagoon, a bottle of effervescent champagne in hand, and gaze at the canvas that surrounds the islands whilst enjoying a gourmet moment with delightful canapés, created specifically to the guest’s tastes

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