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Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Jordan

For the adventurer, it’s never enough to go to a postcard destination. To be a true explorer means traveling to the most extraordinary archaeological sites in their relative infancy, admiring desert landscapes untouched by all but a few, and relaxing at seaside resorts that have escaped over-commercialization. With all of this to offer, the remarkable history and ancient beauty of Jordan are sure to leave an impression on even the most seasoned traveler, and for those in the know, it’s a destination to seek out before anyone else does.  Jordan is just a short flight from Jeddah and Riyadh and the best time to explore all the country has to offer is between July and September

Agoda, one of the fastest growing digital travel platforms, uncovers five destinations for the intrepid explorer to rediscover in Jordan



Madaba, also known as the City of Mosaics, is home to many treasures of early Christianity including the famous 6th century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Featuring over two million pieces of vividly colored local stone set in the floor of the Orthodox Chuch of Saint George, the map provides the world a glimpse of the Middle East during biblical times. In fact, it is the earliest and most complete such map to survive from antiquity

Madaba is also known for its incredible dining experiences, so try out local eateries for a taste of authentic, traditional Jordanian food. If you’re heading to Madaba from Amman, book a private tour of the city via Agoda’s Things to do feature and have local guides explain the historical and cultural significance of Madaba’s many fascinating artifacts



The ‘ancient town’ of Salt is one of the most important settlements that links the Eastern Dessert and the Jordan Valley. The erstwhile capital of Jordan is an easy 30-minute drive away from Amman and an ideal day trip for architecture enthusiasts. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to Salt will transport you back in time to the dazzling Ottoman period

Start your trip at the Department of Antiquities Museum to learn more about the region’s architecture and history. Walk through the streets and take in beautiful sandstone buildings, while learning more about the different cultures that make up this diverse city. Finish up at As-Salt Zaman building, located in the heart of the town, where visitors can watch local artisans making traditional handicrafts and ceramics



Ask avid divers, and they’ll tell you of the wonders of the Red Sea, but complete with crowds. However, right at the tip is Aqaba – Jordan’s only seaport, with its fun-in-the-sun culture and beautiful beach resorts that makes this lesser-known hideaway a great alternative where watersport fanatics can go snorkeling, take diving excursions to explore the coral reef/sea life, or take up kiteboarding away from the crowds

For the history lovers out there, Mamluk Castle, the site of one of the most famous battles of World War I, is a must visit. Also, don’t forget to head down to the exotic Wadi Rum or the Valley of the Moon, known for its breathtaking sunsets. Take a camel ride while you’re in Wadi Rum  too – it’s one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable ways to explore the desert landscape


Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, one of Jordan’s most famous attractions, isn’t actually a sea at all! It is a saltwater lake and at 1,377 feet below sea level, is home to some of the saltiest water on the planet. Mysteries abound in the Dead Sea – history shows the banks of the Dead Sea have been a center for healing for several centuries, with the salt and mineral rich mud making it a haven for those seeking natural spa treatments. Others, however, are content with the peculiarity of floating in the Dead Sea

There are also several incredible religious sites to visit nearby that make for perfect day trips like the sacred Mount Nebo, where according to the Hebrew Bible, Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land

For those on a short holiday, Agoda has ideas for excursions to make the most of their trip, take for example the five-day Taste of Jordan tour that kicks off in the Dead Sea and goes on to explore many remarkable sites including Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman. The tour is perfect for those looking to maximize their trip and take in all the incredible sights Jordan has to offer



No listing of the must-visits in Jordon would be complete without Petra. This ancient destination is known as the ‘Red Rose City’ due to the extensive use of sandstone throughout the city. Built in the 6th century BC as the capital of the Nabataeans from roughly 300 BC – 100 AD

The As-Siq, a 1,300-yard long gorge serves as the stunning main entrance into Petra. However, this is just the start of any visit to Petra. There are plenty of other must-visits in this historic city including The Khazana, one of the most iconic temples in the Middle East

Whether you’re an explorer used to the trail, or perhaps looking for something special, there are over 2440 vacation rentals and hotels in Jordan on Agoda, with something to suit everyone. Planning a special itinerary, or just want to have someone else worry about the details? Get some inspiration from Agoda with it’s the multitude of tours, activities and things to do in Jordan

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