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Turning the sails 360 degrees for Seafood Market’s 26th anniversary

Renowned for delivering unparalleled sea-to-table dining experiences, Seafood Market at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre is all set to up the ante, courtesy the 360-degree facelift. Celebrating 26 glorious years of service excellence on January 26, this award-winning restaurant recently underwent a wave of upgrades, inspired by elements of the ocean, thereby bringing diners closer to the ocean


Decked with cruise-liner style circular windows and tall wooden lamp posts, the interiors of the newly furbished Seafood Market bring to mind the feeling of walking down the harbour. The décor aesthetics beautifully merge European civilization with Mediterranean and Arab cultures. Purists in Dubai can now have their fish grilled to perfection on a masgouf grill. This grill, native to the Arab world, has horizontal skewers to slowly grill fish over wood-fire, retaining the essence of the original dish intact with a perfect crisp crust


Another noteworthy upgrade at this 26-year old restaurant is the newly installed 18 sea-water tanks sourced all the way from Australia, boasting of the latest in technology with respect to filtration and maintaining ocean like conditions for the marine life. These fish tanks maintain the shelf-life of the crustaceans and fishes in the most optimal conditions, as the water enters the tanks through a cascade mechanism, simulating the movement of waves, their natural habitat. Equipped with a highly well developed, automated filtration system, the new sea-water tanks help to maintain live seafood, including the likes of King crabs from Norway, Snow Crabs and Mud Crabs from Oman, Australia, New Zealand at the correct levels of salinity and nutrients, delivering the finest and most authentic sea-to-table dining experience. The menu is now expanded to include local hammour and many more regional varieties of seafood, crustaceans and fishes to cater to the discerning preferences of diners and patrons

Seafood Market - food

The revamped layout of Seafood Market boasts of a high ceiling, detailed with a unique installation that renders the feeling of looking at an upside-down boat, weaving its way through tides. The outdoor terrace of the restaurant has undergone a chic upgrade, where each table has a unique shading structure, which resembles an inverted fishing net basket, thereby bringing the restaurant’s nautical theme to the outdoors as well


Elaborating more, Carlo Javakhia, Complex Executive Assistant Manager at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, shares, “While Seafood Market follows the sea-to-table dining philosophy, the revamped concept amplifies the ‘power of choice’ for our patrons to pick their favorite fish or crustacean and have it prepared to their preferences. Besides offering grilled, steamed and poached seafood, if a guest requests special marinade, spice or style of preparation, the culinary team is fully equipped to cater to our guest’s every need. Over the past 26 years, Seafood Market has carved a special place among patrons in Dubai and the revamped offerings will give us an edge over other similar dining concepts in the region


Diners can enjoy a 26% off their bill on 26th January 2019

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