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The Holiday Season 2018 / 2019 at Cheval Blanc Courchevel


Cheval Blanc Courchevel is preparing to open its doors for the winter season on December 14. The Maison is announcing three new facets that reinforce its commitment and connection to fine art, wellness, and just as importantly, winter sports, enhancing the guest experience in the heart of the Alps

The three-star restaurant Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc is elevating its ambience with a new work by the artist Mathias Kiss — Besoin d’air

Classically trained as an artisan and having developed exceptional technical skill, this rising star of the art world has earned a reputation for playing with the rules and then breaking them to spectacular effect. For Cheval Blanc Courchevel, he has created a polyptych of 14 panels. He designed a molded, gilded wooden frame in the pure French tradition to complement this magnificent contemporary installation

Titled “Besoin d’air,” the majestic work is a bespoke creation that is the result of a collaboration between Mathias Kiss, the Art Bridge studio, and Cheval Blanc Courchevel. It is positioned as an extension of the restaurant’s bay windows, which provide a panoramic view of the pristine slopes under a mantle of fresh snow just outside

Like an optical illusion, the work appears as a series of windows that reveal an infinite view of the sky. The artist’s creation complements and echoes the design of Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc, conceived by the architect Sybille de Margerie, with its rounded forms and sense of openness

The installation beckons viewers towards the heavens, while the dishes coming from the kitchen of the three-star Michelin Chef Yannick Alléno will convince them they’re already there


Experience Skijoring at Cheval Blanc Courchevel

Among the many activities that Cheval Blanc Courchevel offers its guests, skijoring stands out as an unforgettable new experience — discovering snowy pathways across the sublime landscape while skiing behind a horse

The hooves don’t make a sound as they sink into the snow, even at a gallop. The horse accelerates along the drifting trail, and the panorama before you expands as you glide effortlessly forward into the frost-tipped woods. The harnessed horse is well-trained; a subtle signal with the reins and he understands, picking up the pace, the snow sliding by faster under your skis. You pull gently, and he slows. You glide through the pines, and over there, at 2,000 meters of altitude, appear the Saulire summit, the Dent de Burgin, and the natural reserve of the Plan of Tueda. The children are following just behind, pulled by ponies. Their manes in the wind, they’re black, bay … or white


Try a Russian Banya

Installed at the foot of the slopes, the Russian banya is the latest amenity provided for our guests’ wellbeing and enjoyment at Cheval Blanc Courchevel

This traditional, rustic structure is a seamless addition to the winter scene at the Maison. Nestled into the landscape, it seems at one with nature. This dry-heat sauna reaches temperatures of 90 centigrade, or close to 200 Fahrenheit, and, surrounded by drifts, it combines the intensity of heat with the power of winter in the woods. As is traditional in Northern latitudes, you purify body and soul with the heat, then tone yourself with the shock of the cold when you roll in the soft snow

Just a few steps from the banya, the hot tub awaits with its relaxing vapors and unforgettable view of the snowy peaks, providing the ideal finishing touch to your experience

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