The Farm Launches New Health and Wellness Programs

With around a month left before the first quarter draws to an end, life and work may be starting to get busier and busier. As the jolly spirits from the festive season and the romantic atmosphere from Valentine’s slowly fade away, it can be easy to neglect your physical and mental health as you focus on your normal life and everyday tasks. Enter The Farm at San Benito with exclusive new programs developed in partnership with other holistic health centers

A multi-awarded eco-luxury medical wellness resort in Lipa, Batangas, The Farm helps people regain and maintain their balanced state of mind and body through holistic healing and a healthier lifestyle

The Farm journey is focused around five pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair and Sustain. The aim is for guests’ bodies to return to their ideal, balanced state and achieve holistic optimum wellness using five key healing components: Holistic integrative medical services, Nurturing spa and hydrotherapy water wellness, Plant-based, wholefood, vegan cuisine, Mindful movement and functional fitness and Healing environment and heartfelt service

To provide better services and offer more effective solutions to those seeking to improve their quality of life, The Farm has partnered with European Wellness Center (EWC) and Living Life Well Integrative Medical Clinic (CIGNA accredited global health care provider). For the already existing Health Optimization programs, The Farm has updated and improved three of their most popular retreats. The new Health Optimization, Cellular Health, Executive Health, and Aesthetics programs will be available this coming March



Holistic Wellness

One of these is the Holistic Wellness program which starts with a wellness consultation and health assessment with a licensed physician and state-of-the-art biomedical diagnostics. Guests can also have a psychoemotional clearing session as well as access to healthy and wholesome foods served at the Alive! Restaurant. A relaxing retreat will not be complete without the traditional Hilot massage at the spa, as well as calming and refreshing morning and afternoon walks in the property which nature-lovers will truly enjoy


Detox Cleanse

Another is The Farm’s Detox Cleanse, which is for those who wish to get rid of the accumulated toxins in their bodies as well as other negative energies that burden their minds. Through The Farm’s own Wellness Team’s guidance, guests can have a better idea of their current body state and what they can do to achieve their goals through specific medical services and holistic treatments specifically designed for them


Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health

When it comes to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and stress, The Farm believes in resolving the root cause of the problem through the improved Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention and Heart Health program. Like all the other offerings by The Farm, this is specially designed to suit each individual’s needs and the various programs are developed and conducted with the help of experts, licensed medical doctors, and highly experienced hospitality professionals



Upgrading the world-renowned, multi award winning holistic medical wellness stature, The Farm at San Benito has established partnership with European Wellness, combining luxury resorts with state of the art integrative medical services, setting a new standard in medical hospitality services with Swiss German biological Medicine

Founded on the philosophy of assessing, treating and preventing chronic health disorders through patient-specific and integrative Swiss Biological Medicine, European Wellness has brought in their global premium hospitals and medical centers from Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In partnership with The Farm at San Benito; European Wellness will be providing the Philippines the treatment and healthcare by experienced physicians, using none and minimally invasive tools and technologies for a holistic approach to your wellness

Raising the bar of The Farm at San Benito, the European Wellness will be offering optimal cellular wellness program through European Wellness Retreat, designed to enhance and providing new standards in cellular health therapy in a secure, ultra-exclusive and private setting:

Immune Modulation Program

Male Revitalization Program

Female Revitalization Program

Clinical Detoxification Program

Natural Athletic Performance Enhancement Program

Body Composition Optimization Program

Stress Reduction Program

Ultra Wellness Prevention Program



The Farm also partnered with Living Life Well Integrative Medical Clinic to offer Cigna Global Healthcare-accredited services and treatments for pain and mental health problems

Copy of Live Blood Analysis

Pain Management

When dealing with chronic pain, immediate relief is not enough. This problem usually indicates that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Specifically targeting work-related diseases and chronic pain, the Pain Management program will help people become aware of the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem so they can start addressing them


Mental Health

Depression, uncontrollable mood swings, and unproductive thoughts are also some of the common issues tormenting people today. Mental Health is another aspect of our lives that, when overlooked, can lead to more serious issues. With all the demands from both personal and professional lives, it may be easy not to pay too much attention to our mental well-being. Hence, we may not be able to notice that these stressors may already be taking their toll on us. The Farm’s Mental Management program will help address work-related depression, stress, and anxiety



The Farm is also proud to offer the new Aesthetic Services brought by Dr. Conrada Veruasa-Apostol, M.D. or Dr. Radi who is a reconstructive and plastic surgeon with passion on aesthetic enhancements that has a holistic touch. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a fellow of International College of Surgeons. She is a practicing surgeon since 1988 and has never stopped undergoing training workshops until today. Dr. Radi offers patients whatever procedure that is less painful, less expensive and with lesser risk, always considering surgical enhancement as the last option

: Those who wish to enhance their physical aspects through a holistic approach can avail the following treatments

Beauty & Anti-aging

Vigor & Vitality

Slimming & Body Contouring


With these new and improved services, The Farm hopes more and more people become aware and appreciate their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

Adding to these, The Farm also aims to serve more families seeking a healthier lifestyle with 22 new villas under construction and will be ready to accommodate guests in 2020



The Farm strongly supports and highly recommend whole-food and plant-based eating with the belief that our body will thrive through daily sustenance from nature. This cuisine is an essential part of the healing process and The Farm experience. The resort’s Alive! Restaurant, one of Asia’s first and finest restaurants offering vegan cuisine, serves fresh, delicious, and innovative raw dishes. These are all made with fiber-rich, nutritious organic ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients probiotics and key enzymes, which aid digestion and improve nutrition. The Farm offers a holistic healing sanctuary to those who are seeking retreat from their hectic lives

With the current 33 exclusive suites and villas amid the beautiful jungle of Lipa, specialized programs designed by licensed medical professionals, therapists, and experts, plus the world-class services of the staff, The Farm provides the perfect vacation place while keeping health a priority

The Farm at San Benito offers a variety of world-class detox programs including Detox Cleanse, an all-inclusive 4-night program starting at USD 1,810/ PHP 83,100 per person based on double occupancy

Save as much as 30% off on The Farm’s medically supervised Health Optimization Programs from Holistic Wellness, Detox Cleanse, Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Health; Executive Health Programs from Pain Management & Mental Health; Cellular Health Programs and Aesthetic Beauty & Anti-Ageing Programs

An all-inclusive Health Optimization Program starts at USD 580/ PHP 26,600 per person per night based on double occupancy and USD 810/ PHP 37,100 on single occupancy. Complimentary roundtrip car transfers for minimum of 4 Night program. Room-only options also available. Seasonal rates are valid until September 30, 2019. To book a retreat or learn more about The Farm, simply visit For direct inquiries, call (+632) 884-8074, (+63) 918 884-8080, or email or


PHP rates are applicable for Philippine residents and local expats*

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