219 Boat Club

Regional Conglomerate Merint Launches India’s Most Luxurious Residence

Redefining luxury living and taking it to another level entirely, UAE-based conglomerate Merint has announced that its first exclusive India-based residential project at 219 Boat Club in Pune is now ready for occupation


Conceptualized and designed by Atkins, the architectural firm best known for the Burj Al Arab in the UAE.  The meticulously supervised project took almost four years to complete

219 Boat Club Main Entrance Lobby

A hidden sanctuary located in the heart of Pune, 219 Boat Club becomes the city’s most exclusive address. It has 10 super luxury boutique apartments, each with its own private pool. The living room and terrace heights are over 22 feet, giving it the feel of a sky villa


Every floor is designed to capture an abundance of natural light and glass, an architectural feat that further accentuates the sprawling 8,000 sq. ft. space in every unit. The rapid pace of urbanization coupled with India’s increasing attractiveness to NRIs seeking tangible options to invest in, has led to a marked growth in interest for high-end luxury housing


We recognize this trend and were always keen to ride the wave but not through just another residential tower,’ said Fazal Manekia, founder and CEO, Merint. “We did not desire to make promises; we wished to deliver a dream! These ‘dreams’ are being delivered at a price of around $3 million each


According to him, the company elected to go in for a previously unseen living concept that challenges the imagination and yet, offers the maximum comfort and technology globally placing it at the cutting edge of good living


We harnessed our existing experience with in-house expertise and collaborated with the best in the business to create an architectural masterpiece,” he added


219 Boat Club combines the world’s most exclusive glass with unparalleled and exquisite design aesthetics, combining to create an incomparable home which is certain to resonate with the most discerning of home buyers


For those who enjoy the finest things in life, there is access to impressive height, incomparable space and incredible views.  The lobby has a glass sculpture made up of 275 hand-blown LED lights that creates a sense of movement and is a true visual delight in the era of modern art.  An impressive entrance canopy with a six meter ‘Diamant’ glass entrance makes a powerful and unforgettable first impression


Surrounded by over-100-year-old trees, 219 Boat Club has a cinema room and, a state-of-the-art gymnasium and rooftop terrace with stunning views of the Mula Mutha  river


Firmly founded on the codes of enhanced living, contemporary minimalism and clarity of detail, each element of 219 Boat Club has been sculpted and selected to create a customized canvas of experience,” said Ayesha Contractor, Senior Project Manager at Atkins

219 Boat Club Bedroom

This architectural marvel for the privileged few transforms the city’s skyline and captures the essence of larger than life living


Close on the heels of this project, Merint plans to invest around US $100 million to develop a luxury villa project in the hills overlooking lakes and valleys near Lonavla, a hill station between the metro cities of Pune and Mumbai.  280 acres of land has already been acquired


Developer: Merint

Architect: Atkins

Interior Design: Studio Hinge & ADND

Structural Consultant: Fourth Dimension

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