Irina Sharma, Barbara Jackle, Maria Abi Hanna, Nadine Tayara and Neha Jamani

Nourish N Heal hosted Nadine Tayara and Maria Abi Hanna at Sesame Restaurant

Monthly Nourish N Heal event, done in partnership with Hands in Hope, Energy Healing Centre, featured renowned wellness consultants and dieticians Nadine and Maria. They shared the insights about why diets fail, how to change your mindset in order to change your lifestyle, and the four pillars of good nutrition:  quality, moderation, balance and variety


Nourish N Heal aims to give diners a complete mind, body and soul nourishment and healing experience for overall well-being. A health conscious and uniquely nourishing monthly event to show how energy healing and food can have therapeutic applications for illness prevention, recovery and optimal health

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