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Nikki Beach Dubai Launches Its Organic Garden To Celebrate Life And Nature

Nikki Beach Dubai launches the resort’s beautifully curated Organic Garden placed in a discreet location on property. Director of Culinary Creations Brendan McGowan has selected specific plants that are utilized by the culinary team at the resort


Our brand is about Celebrating Life, and our logo, the teepee is a symbol that has deep connections with being in tune with nature and being rooted in the earth, creating a sense of place. Having a multicultural team, we have all rekindled experiences from our past with nature, be it visits to the local produce market, harvesting to support the family, summer jobs picking fruits. Observing the newfound respect for planting, cultivating, harvesting, a return to our roots in a city that provides every ingredient imaginable, the reconnection with Mother Nature is very rewarding,” says Brendan McGowan, Director of Culinary Creations at Nikki Beach Dubai

Vines and Teepee 2.1

In addition to the harvest, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai are also recycling its wet waste from the kitchens, with a mix of fruits and vegetables to cultivate an organic compost to rejuvenate the soil. Another byproduct of the organic compost is an enriched essence that is sprayed directly onto the leaves to enrich the “fruits” of the resort’s labor. Traditional pesticides have been collected from the culinary brigade, based on their home country practices, and strengthening the team building and pride in the Organic garden


Rocket, mustard cress, oregano, thyme, parsley, cilantro, spearmint, basil, tomatoes and aubergines to name a few, are flourishing in our garden. Post Friday morning breakfast, Brendan and his culinary brigade can be seen with the harvest basket, trimming and cutting for the Friday Brunch.  Moving forward, organic herb infused olive oils and syrups will be created to feature on both foods and beverages within the resort , The summer months will be the utilized to rejuvenate the soil and planning of the fall season planting


! Food for thought, thought for food

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