Hani Naji launches his Camelson theme exhibition at Media One

Have you got a complex relationship with art and not sure where to start when selecting exhibitions to visit? Dubai’s Media City’s vibrant hotel, Media One, is offering a unique experience for the community to appreciate the original Camelson Collection, when it is displayed in stylish hotel lobby from Thursday 8th August until Saturday 7th September 2019


Hani Naji is an Iraqi artist currently based in Dubai and Southern Virginia. Before he settled in the South of Virginia, he survived two wars and refugee camps. Graduated from Virginia Tech University with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, he persuaded his career in both engineering and art at the same time. Hani Naji is a self-taught artist with strong visual expressions in art, from oil on canvas, color pencils, pens, resin and bronze sculptures

The Knight

Hani keeps experimenting and developing new series with different styles. His new art theme, Camelson Funoon was born on December 2018 in caféM, Media One, Dubai. Camelson sculptures is the expression of visual effects inspired by dream of feelings, passion, love romance, a decorated ladder (festive décor at Media One) and friends, it is also a metaphor of individuals from all over the world. People with stories and with something to say about their home Dubai


We pay tribute to the skills and passion of artists in the community and believe that Media One’s hospitality welcomes all guests to become involved a refreshing, yet authentic artistic experience. “stated Lukas Tremmel, Director of Hotel Operations


Media One Hotel regularly opens its doors to renowned local artists in a bid to make art more accessible, allowing the public access to the artists’ great works 24/7, so they have no need to feel shy about entering the world of art galleries

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