Dubai Airshow: Thales Unveil’s New Solution to Safeguard our Skies

Today at the Dubai Airshow, Thales has unveiled a brand new solution to combat the malevolent use of drones , Drone traffic in civil airspace has increased significantly around the world in recent years. The possibility always remains that these unmanned aircrafts can be used for malevolent purposes

Thales’s EagleShield solution will provide effective countermeasures to be able to protect citizens and critical infrastructure


: Key highlights

Thales presents EagleSHIELD, the company’s new integrated drone countermeasures solution to protect and secure sensitive sites and large-scale events in urban areas

EagleSHIELD is a multi-sensor solution that detects, identifies, classifies and neutralises rogue drones flying at low altitude at ranges of up to 7 km

Thales provides a graduated, context-sensitive response to the threat of unmanned systems flying in civil airspace

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