Dinner with Doctor at Sesame Restaurant with Dr. Nas Al-Jafari, Family Medicine Consultant at Intercare Health, Abu Dhabi

Sesame continues to uphold its commitment to create, nourish and share with Dinner with Doctor Series. Sesame offered guests the opportunity to ask, learn and interact with Dr. Nas, who discussed environmental issues “How the environment and toxic overload are shaping modern disease”. He Shared his vision on how the environment and toxic overload are shaping modern disease

Noor Shuhaiber & Dr. Nas Al-Jafari

Educating guests on toxins all around us – the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. There are different types of toxins: Heavy metal toxin (mercury, tin etc), Non-heavy metal toxin (pesticides, plastics, petrochems etc), Mold toxicity (air conditioning units, water damage etc). Have you ever thought about how ‘invisible’ toxins can cause a serious impact on our overall health


Guests enjoyed a nutritious and delicious meal as they learnt about the human body, particularly focusing on modifying lifestyle factors, optimising long-term health and prevention of chronic disease

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