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Cheval Blanc Randheli’s yoga master offers a new experience for the 2018 season: an Aerial Yoga class on the Cheval Blanc Spa Island

Szilvia Rung, Yoga and Meditation Teacher on the Cheval Blanc Spa Island, has developed a new Aerial Yoga class for this 2018 season, combining Indian discipline and acrobatics

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In a 45-minute group or individual session, guests make figures guided and advised by the expert and supported by long silky sheets like yellow rubans. One metre from the ground, the body moves free from pressure and defies gravity, reversing the gravitational effect. The body feels light and eased of any tension, allowing it to curve and gently become stronger. While Aerial Yoga offers a greater feeling of fulfilment and serenity than traditional yoga, it above all provides improved flexibility of the body and sustained concentration, as the person finds themselves in an unusual situation, suspended in the air


Established on the Cheval Blanc Spa Island, the pavilion dedicated to yoga offers a 360-degree view over the ocean and its crystalline waters so characteristic of Maldivian atolls. In this idyllic setting, yogis can reach a state of absolute well-being and a feeling of calm, caressed by a gentle breeze. Ideal for recharging your batteries, re-energising body and making the most of this , stay at Cheval Blanc Randheli

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