Cheval Blanc Courchevel - Bûche de Noël with snow_Richard Haughton

Cheval Blanc Courchevel unveils this year’s special holiday cake signed by Yannick Alléno


The staff at Cheval Blanc Courchevel and Yannick Alléno, head chef of the resort, are delighted to present this year’s special Christmas cake, “la bûche des Neiges


Like a winter wonderland covered with a mantle of freshly fallen snow, this twist on the French holiday classic takes the form of an alpine garden shaped by the wind, evoking the mountain slopes near Cheval Blanc Courchevel


Slice into the sculpted white chocolate exterior to reveal progressive layers of vibrant colour — a frosty band of alpine herbs gives structure to the composition with a unique flavour that is immediately contrasted by creamy passion fruit. A coconut mousse enrobes a rich and tender almond biscuit and crunchy lime-coconut crust


The majesty of the Alps and an exactingly selected blend of exotic flavours complement each other in this unforgettable creation, waiting to be discovered in Courchevel


La bûche des Neiges” exemplifies the culinary vision of Yannick Alléno for Cheval Blanc Courchevel: audacious and joyfully flavourful


It is an incarnation of the holiday season at Cheval Blanc Courchevel, in which the art of cooking, savoir-faire and creativity are the everyday watchwords of each member of the kitchen staff. For each of these artisans, the goal is to fulfil the dreams and please the palates of every guest and dinner


To order in-house, six people, 108€

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